Discover your Magic with Gina Marie Leingang


Meet my trusted team member Gina Marie! 

Gina Marie is an intuitive healer, human design reader, and positive mindset coach.  She is a fellow Manifestation Babe Academy grad and is currently an MBA Peer Mentor!  Gina Marie combines energy healing, human design, and coaching to release limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, and generational baggage to help you remember your own magic.  





Your energy field is like an onion and in one session we gently let go of the layers that your body is ready to release.  So although you'll feel lighter and things will shift for you, we recommend a series of sessions to address several layers to create real and lasting transformation.


We have created a package of five sessions to give your body the time and space to process and release what is often a lifetime of subconscious energy blocks.  You may use your sessions up all at once or space them out as you like over a year.


A transformational package of five 50-minute 1:1 phone sessions with Gina Marie is $1,000.  Payment plan available.  Please inquire.





"We carry so many titles.  When we go inward and unlock the magic of our core essence, the opportunities are endless!  I see each session as a unique journey we embark on together to see which stories, emotions, and limiting beliefs are ready to be released.  As we release the heaviness of stagnant emotions, I introduce positive affirmations to your energy field.  Each session ends with an oracle card pull to close with a special message from your guides."

- Gina Marie

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Energy work is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and is intended to be used as a complement to Eastern and Western medicine and traditional therapy.