and Let Your Soul Lead the Way


I'm Ready

Are you ready to step into your light, and shine brighter than you ever believed possible?


The Universe is whispering your name.

You were born here . . . during this time . . . for a reason.  

But what if you feel blocked from being seen, living your purpose, and the life that you truly desire?

If you’ve tried everything, energy work may be the missing key to your success.  Let me guide you to uncover and release the hidden blocks keeping you stuck.  

I see the real you.  And YOU are destined for greatness.



Heal your past to create the future you desire.

I’m glad your Soul led you here . . . 


Did you know . . .


95% of your daily responses and actions are determined by a lifetime of subconscious energetic blocks?  In the form of limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, societal programming, and ancestral wounds they determine what shows up in your life.  Every. Single. Day.  And you’re not even aware of it.

Energetic blocks cause stagnancy in your finances.  They cause disease in your body.  They create disharmony in your relationships.  In fact, they hold you back in every area of your life.

In your relationships they present themselves as frustration and arguments.  Perhaps you’re struggling to get on the same page as your partner or feeling disconnected from your kids. Maybe you can’t see eye to eye with your Mom or have fallen out with your siblings.  You’re not feeling heard.  You’re wondering what went wrong but don’t know how to make it right. 

Energetic blocks express themselves in your career.  Are you feeling unappreciated?  Like you already give so much and yet your boss wants more?  Are you tired of working in a toxic environment feeling stressed and underpaid?  This isn’t the path you saw yourself on, is it? 

Or perhaps you’re struggling to attract the clients you dream of working with in your business.  You’re not getting the visibility you desire.  The success you know is possible.  The difference you believe you can make.

It’s tangible, the desire you feel, but your dreams feel almost too big for your body. Most people go through life believing there’s no alternative.  But you?  You know.  Deep down.  You know something’s missing.  You know you’re meant for moreAnd you are right.

Because you're not only allowed to want financial abundance, fulfilling relationships and remarkable health, it’s your birthright.

What if I said you could have a life where . . .


  • Everything feels effortless.  Like your hand is being held.  You’re guided and supported at every moment 
  • You intuitively know the next step to take that will help you reach your highest potential
  • You no longer feel triggered.  Instead, you meet challenges with a clear head and solutions
  • Anxiety is a thing of the past. You have rock steady confidence and feel excited to embrace the opportunities that keep showing up for you
  • You attract and create meaningful relationships.  You experience deep connection with those you love and attain greater levels of intimacy that are both fulfilling and nurturing
  • You never fret about your finances.  Instead you enjoy the security and inner knowing that money flows to you with ease; that life will only keep getting better
  • You’re filled with energy and enjoy great health.  You’re motivated and enthusiastic
  • Synchronicities become commonplace. Miracles seem to appear out of nowhere.  Life feels almost magical

This is what happens when we release the layers of conditioning and childhood hurts, allowing our spirit to finally guide us. And it’s how life unfolds when you clear out the energetic blocks that are literally stuck in your body, keeping you trapped in a reality that doesn’t fit anymore.  A life that’s become restrictive and too small for your dreams.

I'm ready for expansion
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Each of us is born with an energetic blueprint. 


A beautiful and clear outline to help you live a life designed just for you.  A life based on the things that light you up and bring you joy.  One which creates a positive impact on the world around you.  One which feels incredible.

But over time our blueprint becomes illegible.  Scribbled over by societal conditioning and family programming.  Blotted by trapped emotions and unresolved trauma.  Until eventually, the original design can barely be seen.

It’s why no amount of meditating, or reciting affirmations can ever truly help you find what you’re looking for. Because you’re writing on top of an already messy blueprint covered with a lifetime of other people’s ideas.  And until you wipe it clean, there’s no authentic foundation from which to build your life.


Healing your energy is like flipping on a light switch in a dark room full of obstacles.  


It allows you to see clearly where you need to shift things out of the way. Things that have remained hidden.  Things that are holding you back.  When you work with your energetic blueprint, you are literally locating and healing each repressed emotion that became physically trapped in your body over the course of your life to free yourself from their constraints.

Energetic healing is the catalyst for transformation


But it takes the right combination of clearing out your old stuck energy, replacing it with new energetic vibrations, and knowing how to protect yourself from future energetic disturbances to do it.

Your body, mind and soul begin working as one cohesive driver.  You move towards what you desire with ease.  Everything you say resonates with how you feel.  You’re authentic, and it shows.  You feel aligned.


Rediscovering your energetic blueprint is the fastest and most effective way to create real and lasting change in any area of your life. 


Claim the wisdom and power that is yours for the taking.  You’re worthy of everything you want. It’s not just wishful thinking. 

 All that’s been placed on your heart is there for a reason.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to live your life in a way that feels good and true for you.  You deserve to wake up every day feeling excited.  To show up as authentically you.  To leave your mark on this world.


I want to claim that which is mine

Expansion is the missing link between confusion and certainty


You’ve tried so hard.  You’ve read countless self-development books and worked through endless courses.  You’ve been to talk therapy and experimented with an assortment of healing modalities.  You’ve tried breathwork and practiced EFT. You meditate and you feel spiritually aware.  You take good care of yourself; you exercise and eat well.  You’ve engaged coaches. 

And yet, something is missing.

Because you’re still not where you want to be.  It feels out of reach, and you don’t know how to bridge the gap. 


Don’t give up.  You’re so very close.


Expansion is that bridge.  And it’s like nothing you've experienced before.

You see, what’s holding you back is not your fault.

You’re being held hostage by societal conditioning and programming.  Beliefs passed on to you through your parents, and generations before them.  It wasn’t their fault either, but until you release these deep-seated and often hidden beliefs, the cycle continues.  It’s like being held captive in your own body.


to set you free
I Want To Feel Free

The entire world is made up of energy, it surrounds us.  Every single one of us is an energetic being.  And yet so often we look to external sources to heal the internal wounds of our past.

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle.  The box dropped and the pieces scattered.  Now imagine two boxes dropped.  Three.  Four.  Dozens.

Each of us is like a dropped puzzle box.  Over years, decades, even lifetimes, the pieces have gotten mixed up, confused.  Messy.  With every experience that makes us doubt ourselves, that causes pain or trauma, one of our pieces gets lost beneath a rug, under the couch.  Your energy body is just like that jigsaw puzzle. 

When we use the ancient wisdom found in energy mastery, we return your pieces to their rightful place, and we remove those that don’t belong to you.  We clear the energetic blocks and allow you to hear your intuition with clarity, to be guided toward the next right thing.

Allowing you to finally feel whole again. 


It’s from that place of wholeness that you can ascend.

This is your time to shine.


If you’ve arrived on this page, it’s because you’re meant to be here.  You’re finally ready to shift what’s holding you back.  You want to move forward with grace and ease into a life that feels effortless.  One where you recognize yourself so clearly and know exactly where you’re going.  

Releasing the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck enables you to travel towards your dreams at an accelerated pace. 

I am so excited to support you during your Expansion so you can finally:

  • Learn to trust yourself - no more second guessing, no more seeking approval
  • Gain inner peace and release anxiety to take back control of your mind and body
  • Stop trying and start living.  Get really clear on what you want and how to achieve it
  • Recognize your worth.  Move towards your dreams with confidence and become open to the opportunities that surround you
  • Feel lighter, brighter.  End your day feeling satisfied and content, not exhausted and weary
  • Be present in your life and show up for yourself and your loved ones in ways that feel nurturing, not obligatory
  • Discover true self-love and experience genuine connection with others
  • Unleash the magic of your superpowers (because you DO have them), and share your gifts with the world
  • Draw in the abundance and joy you so richly deserve
  • Reach your highest potential and call in what your soul desires

An Energy Intuitive and Transformation Guide who reconnects empaths and highly sensitive people to their innate ability to heal so they can create wild success.  But it wasn’t always this way…

After resisting the call to energy work for a LONG time because it just felt too ‘out there’ the Universe intervened. It began pushing me towards a path that was very different from the Television and Film industry I had worked in happily for years.  And it continued to nudge me until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

The message resonated deeply.  And as I fully embraced it, doors opened, and my life began to shift in synchronistic ways.  Energy healing kept showing up in my life and when I was graciously gifted an energy healing course, it was the catalyst I needed. 

I went on to become a certified Advanced Intuitive Healer; an Emotion Code,  Body Code, and Belief Code practitioner; an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner; a Quantum Human Design Level 1 Specialist; a Reiki II practitioner; a Soul Purpose Coach; a Spiritual Life Coach, and a graduate of SIGH’s Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Apprentice Program.

Now I live my true life purpose.  And I’ve guided thousands of people to release limiting family and ancestral beliefs so they too can discover their soul purpose and lead lives filled with joy.

"Missy is unlike any other person I’ve had the privilege of meeting"


She's sincere and compassionate, warm and funny, and has a genuine desire to help; she makes you feel safe and seen right away.  I feel SO blessed to have met her, she has an incredible gift and I'm grateful she's sharing it with the world. In a single session, Missy was able to identify key times in my life which held significant trauma for me and release them in such a way that I literally couldn't stop smiling.  It's difficult to articulate the shift I feel (in only a matter of days), aside to say it's blissful. I feel as though everything is easy, calm, and peaceful. It's as if all the tension that was holding me captive in my body has simply melted away and I feel a level of excitement for the future I've not experienced before.  Thank you, Missy!  If I could shout it from the top of every rooftop across the world, I would.

- Siubhan

Energetics is a magical field in which we get to play and clear all that’s not serving you for your highest good.  It’s an opportunity to release the things that are holding you back, keeping you afraid, perhaps even paralyzed. 

My superpower is the ability to see and read energy.  It sits rather like weighted balls in small clusters in the body.  I can identify where trauma and beliefs are located and release them. So you can feel lighter, brighter and ready to move forward with peace in your heart.  With a sense of calm clarity, you can create the life you’ve been dreaming of.


Your Higher Self led you here for a reason


By saying yes to Expansion, you’re saying YES to yourself.  You’re telling The Universe, with conviction, that you are worthy of transformation.  That you are committed. Your soul recognizes this sacred energy exchange and begins to support you immediately.

And that is when the magic begins.




An 8-week program that offers you a lifetime of transformation
How it works

Expansion is a premium offering for seekers looking for a highly personalized and intimate container to grow without judgment.  It’s a place where you are safely held while that which holds you back is gently uncovered and removed. Over the course of two months you will experience the most remarkable transformation, change the trajectory of your life, and impact generations to come:

We do this using my 3-step process.


1 . Release

During three in-depth 1:1 sessions we identify the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck.  We seek out the narrative that’s been running your life up till now and discover where it originated so we can clear it out of your body.  These take place over the phone so that I can tune into and see your energy body and aura clearly without distraction.  As we discover and heal subconscious traumas or experiences that have (usually) occurred during childhood, I can release them and replace them with empowering beliefs.


2 . Refine

I’ll prepare an online Reiki-infused private journal for you to help integrate and stabilize the changes in your energy field between sessions. We create a safe space where we can communicate to share what is surfacing for you, where you’re being triggered and what I am seeing in your energy body.  From there we examine the areas you need to heal from energetically.  Three times each week I’ll check in with your journaling and clear any energetic blocks I have found.  You’ll receive prompts, personalized affirmations, and tools to help you dissolve these constricting beliefs.


“In addition to the 1:1 healings, the journal was by far the most powerful way for me to move through the fog.  It was like emerging from a dark tunnel and seeing the light for the first time.  I gained clarity the likes of which I could never have experienced, had I tried to do this without Missy.”

- Siubhan


3 . Replenish

Energetic healing creates space within your body.  This is when we get to fill up your energy field with new more empowering beliefs.  Returning your own life force energy to your original and authentic blueprint.  One where you feel worthy of your desires and have a clear understanding of your life’s purpose.  And it’s from here that you get to start turning your dreams into reality.

You also receive…


  • Access to a VIP email address where you can share your biggest challenges for the week.  I will then find and clear the source of these energetic blocks. This is not limited just to you, you can ask that your family, pets and home experience the benefits too. You can request assistance with overcoming any difficulties, or drawing in something you want to manifest.

  • Lifetime access to the private Expansion portal.  An 8-week self-guided collection of video tutorials and meditations you can work through at your own pace.

    • Discover what your energy body is and the importance of maintaining energetic hygiene

    • Understand your energetic body, your aura and how to create boundaries to protect them, stay authentic and feel safe.  Use the accompanying Daily Energy Clearing meditation to reach a place of clarity and calm

    • Learn how energetic blocks are formed, where they can sit within your body, and what your life can look like once they’ve been cleared away. You’ll receive the Anxiety Clearing meditation as well as the 4-Minutes to Calm meditation for times when you need to feel safe quickly

    • Discover and eradicate your own limiting beliefs with a proven 9-step process using a simple worksheet and the Limiting Belief meditation  

    • Get the tools to keep you grounded during times of stress to bring yourself back to a place of centered calm

    • Experience freedom from the charge held in your body by releasing burdens no longer yours to carry using a powerful forgiveness meditation

    • Discover your spiritual gifts.  Here you learn your unique spiritual blueprint, and find out how to connect with your own personal support team using the Meeting Your Spirit Guides meditation

    • Use the Confidence Booster meditation to remind yourself just how powerful you truly are

    • Access to The Whole Soul Journey - my energy empowerment membership full of energy tools and meditations to help you feel empowered in any situation

Release the deeply entrenched limiting beliefs and layers of societal conditioning that have kept you struggling for a lifetime…

Emerge as an energetic match for all that your soul desires
I'm Ready
Karen went from feeling stuck and unable to move to forward to fully embracing her authentic joy as a successful artist, creator, and maker .

"Working with Missy has been nothing short of life-changing." 


Missy is an incredibly kind, compassionate, uplifting, and talented soul. I was introduced to Missy through another wonderful healer and I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.  I am not new to the world of healing and have worked with several healers and healing modalities in the past—but working with Missy was like a breath of fresh air.  You are in the most loving and compassionate space, and she makes you feel at ease immediately. She has a unique way of identifying energetic blocks that are spot-on and clears them effortlessly. 

Through my work in Expansion, Missy cleared ancestral and childhood blocks, and week after week I felt my energy shifting and becoming lighter and brighter. I was going through one of the most challenging periods of my life, and I can definitively say that my life has changed for the better. I have gained more inner peace, strength, self-love, and confidence. I manifested great work opportunities, increased love from co-workers, friends, and family, and had a drastic reduction/elimination of a health issue while in Expansion. Working with Missy was incredibly easy and uplifting—it was like I had a personal cheerleader. I am more at peace with myself and life, have more self-love, and confidence. I know that even more abundance and love is on its way to me, and Expansion just opened the door for an epic life filled with love, abundance, joy, and peace that is in alignment with my highest good. 

Thank you Missy from the bottom of my heart for everything. You are an absolute gem, and I am so grateful to have worked with you. In a sea of healers available in this day, it can be challenging to find someone authentic and who can give you results. If you have the opportunity to work with Missy—run, don’t walk. She is the real deal and will change your life!

- Ankita


I'm Ready To Change My Life

How do you know if Expansion is right for you?


  • You’ve tried other healing modalities but you’re still not where you want to be
  • You’re ready to heal trauma and subconscious limiting beliefs for good
  • You’re serious about embracing your true calling
  • You’re eager to live  your soul’s desires 
  • You want your external world to reflect your internal desires
  • You’re feeling nudged to say “Yes”



Are you ready to experience a transformation that will not only last a lifetime, but carry on through generations?
I'm Ready



Energy blocks are the root cause of all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.  They sit in our bodies like pictures, a snapshot in time. Unless we can delve deep enough to see them and clear them, no amount of willpower, reading, or coaching will ever get us to where we long to be.

You deserve to show up as the whole, radiant, and empowered spirit that you are. I would be honored to be your guide on this journey.  To show you how to use your energy field to attract exactly what your soul desires.  To help clear away the fog so you can shine brightly for all to see.

Join me in Expansion and let’s discover who you were put on this planet to be.


Healing the energy body creates a fresh canvas from which to paint your life


I wholly believe that:


  • Everyone has a gift to give that is unique to them
  • When we embrace and share our superpowers, we light up the world
  • When we show up authentically, we give others permission to do the same
  • Your purpose is the intersection between what comes easy and natural to you, and what brings you joy
  • The Universe wants to express itself uniquely through you so all the doors open when you show up fully as yourself

You don’t have to keep doing this on your own. 

Healing is a partnership.  A journey of discovery.  Let's return you to your magic.

Please schedule a short 15- minute call to make sure we are in alignment and that I am truly able to help you.  If I'm not the right person for you, I am happy to refer you to others who can support you on your journey.

Let's chat!

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Energy work is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and is intended to be used as a complement to Eastern and Western medicine and traditional therapy.