Step into your next level: Cure your self-doubt to emerge as a leader in your field.

Work with me to receive personalized support in clearing your limitations to reveal the leader you are meant to be.



Are you being called to do more but struggle with your confidence and self-doubt?


I see you HIDING. 

Perhaps you are a lot like I used to be . . . immersing myself in tons of personal development courses, reading every self-help and spiritual book on the bookshelf (although that’s kinda fun!), and investing in coaches and therapists but still not getting the results I wished for.  

The problem was that I was seeking to solve the symptom and not the root of my issues.  I believe that the root of every problem lies at the energetic level.  We are all energetic beings  And our thoughts, our beliefs, and our emotions all have weight and can be found in very specific places in our bodies.  And these are the things that weigh us down and prevent us from showing up as our authentic selves.

The world needs your magic now more than ever. 

If you are being called to step into the best version of your highest self, Expansion is for you. 

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Energetic results you will experience

Heal and design your unique energetic signature so you can confidently go out and change the world.


  • Transform your energy field through releasing limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, family programming, societal conditioning, ancestral beliefs, energetic patterns, and other energy blocks 
  • Understand the importance of your energy field and how it impacts your life
  • Connect you to your intuition and innate wisdom to align with your purpose
  • Claim your superpowers as an empath
  • Empower you to use your natural gifts and talents to serve the world
  • Raise your self-worth and self-confidence to magnetize what you truly desire
  • Hack your aura for future success

Client Love


I initially went to Missy because I felt stagnant and unsettled in my life. I had recently retired and I was burned out. In 2020 when I first met with Missy, I was struggling with my place in life. If I wasn’t a teacher anymore I didn’t see that I had a purpose in life. Releasing over 70 pounds of weight was an extra unexpected benefit.  The weight thing didn’t kick in for about a year but is a welcomed side effect. I speak with Missy weekly. Honestly, I don’t know if I would be where I am right now without Missy’s help. Her guidance and insights allowed me to give myself permission to step back from my knee-jerk emotional reactions and change my perspective of events.



Missy helped me to discover energy blocks and broadcast messages I was sending out that weren’t serving me and see where I was getting in my own way of the things I wanted. In 6 months of energy healing with Missy, I’ve healed and grown more than I ever did in talk therapy. She is extremely talented and quick at finding trapped emotions that need to be released that had been holding me back for a long time. I leave every energy healing session learning something new about myself and removing more and more layers to become the best version of myself.

I'm ready for expansion
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Support Tailored to you:


  • In-depth 1:1 healing: three private Expansion phone sessions - one 90-minute session and two 50-minute sessions with session notes
  • Monday energy checks: I find and clear your biggest block each week
  • Individual support through our 2-way Expansion journal: I help identify your triggers as they come up, send personalized affirmations, with journal checks Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • Personalized weekly remote energy work such as: pet healings, family healings, travel protection, house clearings, highest good outcomes for important occasions, spirit to spirit communication, clearing new pathways, blessing balls of light, manifestation bubbles, and more! 



  • Curriculum: 6 short self-study video modules
  • Energy clearing meditations to help you move forward with ease.  
  • My signature limiting beliefs process - an effective method to identify the limiting beliefs blocking you from success
  •  Access to my private calendar to schedule additional 1:1 50-minute Expansion sessions if desired.  Additional sessions charged separately
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I will be your guide inside Expansion.

I can’t wait to help you reach your highest potential and call in what your soul desires!

  • My background is in film and television production and I never in a million years set out to become a Healer and a Guide. But when I listened to my intuition, all the doors began to open.
  • As I worked with clients, I realized that I had a rather unusual skill.  My true gift is seeing and reading energetic patterns keeping us stuck in self-doubt and playing small.   
  • Any transformation, manifestation, or creation begins at the energetic level before it can be brought into physical form.  And this is the magical field in which we get to play! 
  • I am a certified Basic and Advanced Intuitive Healer, Emotion Code &  Body Code practitioner, Reiki 1 practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, Quantum Human Design Level 1 Specialist, Soul Purpose Coach, Spiritual Life Coach and a graduate of SIGH's Spiritual Leaders & Teachers Apprentice Program.  

I would be so honored to be your guide as we uncover our unique energetic signature and connect you back to your own authentic power, magic, and light!

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