Learn energy tools and techniques to unlock your potential and live a life of joy, freedom and mastery.



Are you tired of feeling unworthy of your dreams?

Of giving and giving to everyone else till you’ve nothing left?  Are you completely spent - Emotionally?  Physically?

You know there must be more to life.  You feel it.  With every thump-thump of your heart, it reminds you - There’s More.  There’s More.  There’s More.  But you’re stuck. 

You're drowning in a sea of other people’s emotions and it’s like they’re soaked so deep through your skin that you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

You’ve lost sight of what brings you joy and the future has no direction.  Everything looks blurred.

What happened to the woman so determined to make a difference in the world?

Days are morphed together.  Your morning routine looks more like morning chaos as you usher children to school before landing with a resigned slump at your desk to do a job that bores you, with colleagues that gripe all day.

By the time you’ve come home, prepped dinner, pried devices off your kids and coerced them to do their homework, folded the laundry, listened to your best friend complain about her husband, and finally sat down for the night you’re awash with guilt because all you feel like doing is watching Netflix.

You go to bed determined that tomorrow it’ll be different.  You’ll wake earlier, meditate, and perhaps do some yoga or journaling.  But when the day rolls around you hit snooze, reach for your phone, and it all starts again.


You feel empty, unfulfilled, exhausted.


You crave a deeper connection at a soul level, to be guided by your higher self and moved toward an intuitively led blissful life.

You can’t do one more day like this, but you’ve no clue how to stop the hamster wheel.

You’re screaming “Stop the ride, I wanna get off” and you think it’s you.  

You feel hopeless.  Helpless.

It’s not you.  Let me say that again. 




This is not your fault, beautiful soul.

You’re an empath.  

  • You’ve spent your life being conditioned by other people's beliefs.
  • You’ve absorbed the emotions and feelings of everyone you’ve encountered.
  • You’ve been taught that you must please others in order to be a good person.  Even at the risk of your own happiness.
  • You’ve been told that in order to achieve anything you must give of yourself.  Give. Give. And then give some more.

It’s no wonder you feel completely depleted.

Imagine using ancient wisdom to clear a lifetime of stagnant energy so you can finally…

  • Rid yourself of the fear and dread that sits in your belly.
  • Connect to your spirit guides and higher self to instinctively know the next step to take in any situation. No more second-guessing yourself. 
  • Cultivate your intuition to get really clear on who you are, what you want, and how to get it.
  • Create financial abundance and harmonious, loving relationships with ease.
  • Feel so light, limitless, and expansive you wake every morning energized, filled with excitement to jump into the day ahead.
  • Reconnect to the Life Purpose your heart’s been yearning for with clarity, so when you sit down at 10 am to work a couple of months from now, it’s to become an accredited life coach (if that’s your dream career), not listen to your workmates moan about your boss.
are keeping you trapped feeling like your life is unfulfilled:

I’m not good enough.

This lie gets entrenched from a very early age. When Mom or Dad compared you to your siblings. When they treated you harshly, or just plain ignored you. When you were praised only for achieving top grades. When you were disciplined with anger and shame and weren’t permitted to process emotions in a healthy way. As a result, you shoved them down, deep inside.

But when you learn how to shift your energy, you can literally locate and heal each repressed emotion that became physically trapped in your body over the course of your life and free yourself from their constraints.

Anxiety is just part of life.

Anxiety has become ‘normalized’.  An accepted part of everyday 21st-century living.  According to a study by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 40 million US citizens are affected with anxiety every year.  And women are 2x more likely to suffer from it.

So much of what you feel is actually made up of other people’s emotions.   But when you learn the tools to protect yourself,  whether it’s a family dinner that always heads south, a quick trip to Target, or even just scrolling through Instagram, the negativity from others can’t penetrate your energy field.  

The answers are out there.

With around 3.8 million Google searches each minute, it’s clear everyone is looking for something. We've been taught to seek outside ourselves for quick fixes. Which is fine, if you want to learn how to change the tire on your car.


The answers are inside of you. When it comes to developing a greater connection with your kids. Or creating more intimacy with your partner. If you want to mend your relationship with your Mom. When you want to feel more confident in your decisions and trust your intuition more. It all has to start with your energetic body.

When you recognize the areas in your body where your energy is stuck and clear the blockage, things that felt so out of reach become available to you.  

You realize:

  • You’re sleeping better and waking refreshed  
  • Your partner’s become more affectionate and started holding your hand again
  • The kids are getting to school on time and you’re not even raising your voice
  • Your Mom’s started calling, just to see how you are 
  • You’re finding time to go to yoga classes regularly
  • You’re feeling inspired, creative, motivated
  • Money’s turning up in unexpected ways

Life just starts getting better.

You deserve to welcome in health, vitality, and prosperity. To feel connected - to yourself, your loved ones, and the Universe. When you move stuck energy out of your body, this is how life shows up for you. It has to. And it feels like pure magic.


Don’t you want to live the life you were put on this planet to lead?

But it takes the right combination of clearing out your old stuck energy, replacing it with new energetic vibrations, and knowing how to protect yourself from future energetic disturbances to do it.

It’s not your fault you’re moving through your days as if you're wearing glasses with the wrong prescription.  But you’re the only one who can do something about it.

It’s time to dream with your eyes wide open.  With a clear head and a full heart.


Healing your energy is like flipping on a light switch in a dark room full of obstacles.  


It allows you to see clearly where you need to shift things out of the way. Things that have held you back and kept you feeling fearful of moving forward.

Your body, mind, and soul begin working as one cohesive driver.  You move towards what you desire with ease.  Everything you say resonates with how you feel.  You’re authentic, and it shows.  You feel aligned.

I'm ready for expansion
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"Missy is one of the most talented, genuine and generous people I’ve ever met. After just one session with Missy, I felt a change in my energy and started looking at things in new ways and drew more opportunities and people into my life. I found a job and a relationship and felt lighter, happier and brighter."


An Energy Intuitive and Transformation Guide who reconnects empaths and highly sensitive people to their innate ability to heal so they can create wild success. 

But it wasn’t always this way…

After resisting the call to energy work for a LONG time, because it just felt too ‘out there’ the Universe intervened.

I found myself quite vehemently saying “No” to a promotion where I worked happily in the film and television industry, and it took me aback.

Confused with why the Universe was guiding me this way, I asked it, “if this is my “No”, then what is my “Yes”?”

I recommitted to a regular daily meditation practice where I asked “Show me who I am”.  

And suddenly, after 4 months, I heard a very distinct voice say,

“You are a healer”.

The truth of this message resonated deeply, although initially, I still resisted.

The Universe continued to nudge me until I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Doors opened and my life began to shift in synchronistic ways.

Energy work kept showing up in my life and when I was graciously gifted an energy healing course, it was the catalyst I needed. 

I went on to become a certified Basic and Advanced Intuitive Healer; an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner; an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner; a Quantum Human Design Level 1 Specialist; a Reiki II practitioner; a Soul Purpose Coach; a Spiritual Life Coach, and a graduate of SIGH’s Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Apprentice Program.

Now I live my true life purpose.  And I spend my time helping others live theirs. 

After enabling thousands of women to release limiting family beliefs and lead lives filled with joy, I knew I needed to help more.  Everyone deserves to live a life of love, freedom, prosperity, and peace.  I couldn’t help all those who needed me; time is a constraint for us all, and so The Whole Soul Journey membership was formed.

I’m so honored to serve you in this way.

"Missy has really transformed the way I interact with the world. Before seeing Missy, I felt a constant low grade anxiousness and hollowness in my chest. At the time, I thought it was normal! After a few sessions with Missy, it is gone! I believe I was holding onto some negative energy from previous experiences or inherited and it was not a result of my current circumstances. Missy cleared it which has allowed me to approach daily life and new challenges with more drive and energy."

Attorney & CEO



A sacred space for empaths and spiritually sensitive souls to heal from their past and learn energy-empowerment tools to create the life of their dreams, using ancient wisdom for the present day.

The Whole Soul Journey is an opportunity to spark your next great transformation from a place of self-love. Whether you desire to…

  • Embrace a new dream job.  Like becoming a full-time life coach and feeling wildly fulfilled, knowing you’re supporting others on their journey to success.
  • Follow your inner guidance to make choices in alignment with your dreams.
  • Create a stronger bond with your partner, or open yourself up to a new love.
  • Manifest your perfect home in your ideal location.
  • Look in the mirror and truly love what you see.
  • Remove the feeling of not being good enough when you speak with your Mom.
  • Simply move through your days with a feeling of peace and contentment.

The Whole Soul Journey is a sacred path that will provide you with ancient energy tools mystics have used for centuries to gently (yet rapidly) guide you there.

How it works and what’s included… 

Upon joining, you’ll receive:



The membership is laid out in such a way that you can choose to meander through it at your own pace.  You can take my hand and let me guide you, or you can dip in and out for support as you need it, any time, day or night with tools to…

  • Discover what energy is and why it’s so vital to creating the life your heart desires
  • Learn what your Chakras are and the impact they have on your physical and emotional body
  • Rid yourself of others’ energy that’s stuck in your field, even from generations ago
  • Heal yourself from past traumas that continue to hijack your daily life
  • Create certainty around your boundaries and block yourself from negativity
  • Release the limiting beliefs that are running your life on autopilot
  • Recognize triggers and remove their impact to stay present and focused in any situation
  • Protect yourself, your children, pets, and your home
  • Create a manifestation bubble to bring your desires into fruition even quicker
  • Find your purpose, talents, and natural gifts
  • Connect to your spirit guides and higher self to cultivate your intuition
  • Live freely as your authentic self no matter what


MONTHLY GROUP CLASS (value $1,020)

Each month, I lead an hour-long group Energy Empowerment Class via Zoom where we learn to grow our intuition.  I'll teach one of the energy tools.  Then we break into small groups to practice our tools and reading one another.  



The modules are supported by over 20 beautiful meditations with more added regularly.  These are created as new needs arise based on members’ feedback so you can experience an even more personalized journey.  No matter the situation or challenge there is guidance to be found in The Whole Soul Journey that can quickly bring you back to a place of peace and certainty, leaving you feeling grounded and centered.



You’ll be part of a like-minded community where you can connect and bond with other empaths and souls who feel called for more.  Unlike other memberships, with big Facebook groups that can often feel overwhelming, the Whole Soul Journey has been created to support your need to feel safe.  You choose how and when you show up.  Come as your authentic self, without fear of judgment or recrimination. 

And I invite you to join today for…

Magic happens inside the membership.

Month-To-Month for


per month. 

Try it for 30 days. No commitment necessary.

join for $22

I believe the world is a better place when empaths and highly sensitive souls can heal themselves.



When they don’t feel guilty or ashamed.  When they’re confident to make decisions based on their desires.  When they can put strong boundaries in place and live from a place of complete authenticity.  

I believe you have the right to live a life that feels meaningful; that feels rich in a way that resonates with you. I believe you deserve to have everything you desire - love, money, success.  And I don’t believe you should have to pay a lot of money to learn how to have it all.

I wholly believe that:

  • Everyone has a gift to give that is unique to them.
  • When we embrace and share our superpowers, we light up the world.
  • When we show up authentically, we give others permission to do the same.
  • Your purpose is the intersection between what comes easy and natural to you, and what brings you joy.
  • The Universe wants to express itself uniquely through you so all the doors open when you show up fully as yourself.

That’s why I created The Whole Soul Journey, a deeply transformational yet affordable coaching meets membership experience.  To help you create and live a life you truly desire without the constraints of programming and conditioning.

This is YOUR Journey

The journey consists of


Learn all about energy and energetic hygiene.

Discover & Understand

Master your energetic body and learn how to rebalance each of your 7 chakras to help you:

Feel safe in your body and surroundings 

Enhance your creativity and draw in greater abundance

Feel empowered and confident

Give and receive love with ease

Communicate with integrity, free to speak your mind

Cultivate your intuition

Connect to your Higher Self

Foundational Tools

Learn practical energy tools so you can clear your own energy

Discover a 1-2 minute technique to stay present and powerful

Clear confusion and stay focussed with tools to keep you grounded

Learn how to remain authentic in any situation

Heal & Release

Discover tools and meditations to release anger and anxiety

Heal yourself through removing limiting beliefs 

Learn how to cut the energetic cords to people and situations that no longer serve you

Use ancient wisdom to heal unprocessed emotions

Restore & Protect

Learn powerful ways to protect your energy with tools to:

Block negativity

Sleep soundly

Protect your children, pets, and home

Create the highest potential outcomes for travel, interviews, medical procedures, and more

Empower & Inspire

Learn how to connect to your spirit guides and Higher Self to:

Expand your intuition

Gain guidance and clarity

Find your true purpose

You can achieve true freedom through learning to shift and transform your energy for only $22 a month.
Let's get started right now.
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This isn’t some esoteric membership where you’re left alone to figure things out for yourself.  You won’t be expected to seek answers from within a Facebook group and open yourself up to strangers.  I wanted to create something my best friend would enjoy and understand, to make it accessible for everyone.  A safe haven that feels comfortable to wander about in, giving you actionable techniques that really work.


The Whole Soul Journey was created to give you back your power.


You’ll receive the knowledge and tools I’ve spent years amassing, all in one beautiful easy-to-follow container - so that you’re in complete control of your life’s outcomes.  And so you can move forward with a clean slate.  Challenges can’t all be prevented, but being able to deal with them from a state of calm is powerful.


The Whole Soul Journey is your personalized pathway to transformation. 


Learn to be your own healer and gain seniority, authority, and mastery over your own energy field.

You’re never alone.  I’m here, guiding you every step of the way.  You can progress through the Journey in whatever way you choose, start at the beginning and travel through, or dip in and out depending on your need at the time.


Are you ready to rid yourself of the guilt, shame, and unease you feel?  
Are you eager to embrace a life filled with love, confidence, certainty, abundance and peace?
Are you ready to heal?
This is what awaits you when you master your energy.


Your journey to freedom is only $22 a month, and you can cancel any time.

Worthwhile questions most souls ponder before joining…

Let's get started right now.
Transform Yourself ➡
Still not sure if this is your most aligned next move?

The Whole Soul Journey membership is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck
  • Take on other people’s problems and emotions
  • Feel numb and uncomfortable
  • Get trapped in your head
  • Suffer from anxiety
  • Struggle to get a good night’s sleep
  • Feel unfulfilled
  • Want to discover your purpose
  • Know there must be more to life
  • Feel unworthy, or like you’re just not good enough
  • Want a deeper connection with your Higher Self
  • Want to develop your intuition
  • Lack confidence
  • Desire success but can’t move forward
  • Want to show up as your authentic self
  • Feel judged 
  • Can’t seem to lose weight
  • Want to draw more love into your life

What happened to you when you were young wasn’t your fault.

You learned how to cope with uncertainty and fear, and it got you this far.  You’ve been very brave and your desire to seek more tells me you’re ready to be healed.

Perhaps you’ve already read all the self-help books.  Tried to sit and meditate, or endured hours of talk therapy.  But nothing is sticking.  The changes are short-lived and you still feel paralyzed.  You’re ready for a permanent shift so you can finally start living the life you crave.  

Healing and clearing your energy is the only way to get to the root of the problem to ensure everlasting results.

Welcome to your Journey.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life.  To feel truly comfortable in your skin…

To shed the layers of societal conditioning and start showing up as your authentic self.  To experience loving relationships and create immovable boundaries.   To feel peace like you’ve never known.  To create a life you love to live.  You’re ready to join The Whole Soul Journey membership now.

You’re never alone.  I’m here, guiding you every step of the way.  You can progress through the Journey in whatever way you choose, start at the beginning and travel through, or dip in and out depending on your need at the time.


"I asked the Universe for help and it gave me Missy. Missy changed my life by giving me tools to make much needed changes, by guiding me to heal and move forward.”

One last time, here’s everything you’re about to receive:


  • MEDITATION LIBRARY (value $500)


Join now…

Month-To-Month for


per month. 

Try it for 30 days. No commitment necessary.

join for $22

"So hard to put into words, the magic of working with Missy... I didn’t even know what energy healing was... I was a little afraid of it... Missy is a lifesaver, a secret weapon of Joy. I love her so much, she has taught me so much… I believe in the process with Missy . . . she is a teacher and a healer and a joy renewer."


Energy work is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and is intended to be used as a a complement to Eastern and Western medicine and traditional therapy.