Intuitive Healer & Transformation Guide

Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

Quantum Human Design Level 1 Specialist

Dharma/Spiritual LIfe Coach 



Work with Missy

  • Identify and Clear Limiting Beliefs
  • Release Trapped Emotions
  • Eliminate Old Energy Patterns
  • Cut Negative Cords
  • Identify Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Find Your Purpose


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What clients are saying...

"Like a year's worth of therapy in one session! Missy goes for the deeper work. We changed the pattern and found the tipping point so that all the dominos ripple down for real change. "

Amy, Growth & Leadership Coach

"Missy is one of the most talented, genuine and generous people I’ve ever met.  After just one session with Missy, I felt a change in my energy and started looking at things in new ways and drew more opportunities and people into my life.  I found a job and a relationship and felt lighter, happier, and brighter." 

Kristin, Writer

“So hard to put into words, the magic of working with Missy . . .  Missy is a lifesaver, a secret weapon of Joy. I believe in the process with Missy . . . she is a teacher and a healer and a joy renewer.” 


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