Work With Me


Uncovering your authentic self . . .

Who are you underneath the programming, conditioning, ancestral wounds, and core limiting beliefs?  And what dream lies deep inside of you just waiting to be set free?

If you're feeling called to work with me, either in small groups or privately in my program Expansion, I'm here to support you at any stage of your journey!


Small Group Healing Circle

The power of one light is profound but the power of many together lights up the world!

Join me and 6 other souls in an intimate small group healing space as we work together in partnership to heal your energy field.  I will guide you in clearing a problem, a pattern, or pain through self-reflection and journaling to process the trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, and programming connected to this issue.

Then you’ll sit back and relax as I lead you through a powerful energy clearing meditation to ground and release the energies that no longer serve you. Our spirits and guides will work together to use the collective power of the group’s energy to amplify and accelerate the healing process. 

To ensure that you feel continued personalized support, there will be an individual pre-session questionnaire so that I can tailor the healing to each person in the group. This is a 60-minute small group healing cirlce conducted through Zoom.

Upcoming circles: 

August 25 at 6 pm PST

September 1 at 6 pm PST

September 15 at 6 pm PST



Heal yourself.  Heal the world.  

Expansion is my intimate 2-month 1:1 program for empathic visionaries to expand what is possible for you by banishing self-doubt and imposter syndrome to live a life of freedom, courage, and authenticity.