Waitlist for Expansion


Are you looking to create a personal transformation or calling in a specific manifestation?  


Or perhaps you’re looking for personalized and targeted energetic support while you up-level your life in abundance, career, family, or relationships?


If you are a visionary, Expansion is for you!


A place for vision, magic,  and highest possibilities . . .


It's easy to feel stuck and frustrated as you work hard to create vision boards and “think positive” while your manifestations and transformations simply don’t come through.  


But what if the real reason you are not seeing results is because the path to your manifestation is blocked by your own limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, societal programming, trapped emotions, and energetic patterns?


Based on the work I’ve done in thousands of sessions, I’ve created Expansion - a unique 6-step program to clear and create a path to your desired transformation.  We work together intimately in six private 50-minute Expansion phone sessions during a period of three months to heal specific personal blocks and clear energetic patterns to allow for your desired transformation or manifestation to come through.  


Expansion doors open four times a year.


I can’t wait to see what we create together!