My Story

How asking the right questions can change our lives . . .

I never set out to be an energy healing practitioner and intuitive guide. In fact, it took me a long time to come around to it. I initially resisted the call as I thought it was way too “out there”. I had some big doubts. How does this work? Why does it work? Do I even believe that energy is wise, has laws, and can move with intention?

I graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and worked in the film and television industry for many happy years. But I could not shake the overwhelming desire to spend more of my time helping people in some way. One day, I was offered a promotion at work and without thinking, I blurted out, “No !” My forceful answer really surprised me and made me ask myself “If this is my “no”, then what is my “yes”?”

I once heard someone mention that if you ask the Universe a question, by law, the Universe has to answer you. I figured I had nothing to lose. I recommitted to a regular meditation practice and I asked the Universe, “Show me who I am”. I repeated this each day until suddenly, after four months, I heard a very distinct voice say,

“You are a healer”.

Wait, what?

To this day, I’m not sure if I am more surprised by the voice or by the actual answer itself!

Although I could feel the truth of this message resonate somewhere deep inside myself, it took a long time for my brain and belief system to catch up. I resisted for months until I stumbled upon a podcast by an energy healer named Tara. What initially drew me to Tara is that she seemed like a regular mom just like me.

Suddenly, all the doors opened, and my life began to change in mysterious ways.

Tara graciously gifted me her course in energy healing, with the request that I pay it forward. I went on to become a certified Advanced Intuitive Healer, Belief Code, Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner, Reiki 3 practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, Quantum Human Design Level 1 Specialist, Soul Purpose Coach, Spiritual Life Coach and a graduate of SIGH’s Spiritual Leaders & Teachers Apprentice Program.


I now work with hundreds of amazing clients – many of whom work in Hollywood and other creative industries.

I live in Los Angeles and have two amazing kids and an equally amazing husband!  In my spare time, I share my love of urban beekeeping and oversee my community service organization, The Giving Express .


But best of all, I am living my true purpose, and I’ve found my dream career in which I’m honored to spend my time helping others live happier and more joyful lives.